About Dwayne ~ Investor/ Licensed Realtor since 1985

Dwayne Russo is a Dallas-based real estate investor who has been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions since becoming a licensed realtor in the early 1980s. Dwayne acquires, enhances and sells Real Estate in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and throughout North Texas. With over 30 years of experience, Dwayne knows local neighborhoods, real estate trends and the Dallas market.

Dwayne has a highly creative entrepreneurial spirit and has founded, operated, and successfully led several private business enterprises. Dwayne prides himself on paying more for homes than other real estate investors. He utilizes his skills in identifying specialty market niches to achieve Win/Win outcomes in real estate transactions. He has a long list of happy clients and homes purchased.
Dwayne’s entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking vision led him to become an early adopter of eXp, an agent-owned, cloud-based real estate brokerage and what has become one of the fastest growing realty companies in North America.

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